Our Story

We’re both descendants of a long line of Italian jewelers. We were raised with the art of jewelry-making and eventually followed in our fathers’ and grandfathers’ footsteps.

How it Started

After decades of working parallel to each other in the Italian, European and American jewelry market, our paths crossed. Finally, in the summer of 2018, we came together to create BooM Italian Jewels.

BooM Italian Jewels is an expression of Italian craftsmanship and of our heritage. The brand channels everything that we admire most about jewelry: its ability to add something special, to bring joy and color, and a bit of glamor into our everyday lives.

Our drive at BooM is to apply our combined years of experience to deliver fine and fun jewelry that gives anyone that extra spark.

Daniele Valabrega and Alon Moradi


Creating Something from Scratch

Each piece is designed to add more personality to any outfit, and to transform an ordinary moment into something memorable and cherished.

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